Life Insurance: Are Men Riskier than Women?

Everyone knows that men pay more than women for auto insurance.? This holds true in the life insurance industry as well.? Statistically men are more likely to die of almost any cause of death including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer and insurance companies base their rates on potential risk.? Men also tend to participate in higher risk activities and careers than women.

Life Expectancy and Life Insurance

One of the variables that a life insurance company looks at when determining cheap life insurance rates is the expected life expectancy.? Women live longer than men, so the chance of paying a life insurance claim for a man is higher than the chance of paying for a woman the same age.? There is approximately a five-year statistical gap in life expectancy for men and women.? This is an added incentive to get an insurance policy in place to protect a spouse or family in the event of death.

The Changing Price of Life Insurance

The cost of life insurance is based on several factors that are calculated together to determine the insurance companies risks.? This is done by collecting personal data including sex.? While women pay less for cheap life insurance, men can still obtain reasonably priced insurance.? The policy premiums are dependent on age, health, policy limits and the coverage that is included.? Compare and review different insurance policies to determine which plan best fits your needs before there is a problem.

Risky Behavior in Men and Life Insurance

It is more common for men to behave in risky behavior than women.? This may include hunting, high risk jobs, the military, speeding and more.? They are also more likely to eat poorly, drink excessively and smoke.? In addition, they are more likely to have a successfully commit suicide as their methods tend to be more violent.? These things are factored into a life insurance policy when determining the cheap life insurance rates.? Other factors may also apply such as ethnic background, age or medical history.

Women’s Risks and Life Insurance

Despite the fact that women live longer, that does not ensure better health.? Women are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis, hypertension, incontinence and arthritis.? They also are more prone to chronic disabling diseases.? Statistics are also beginning to show that women are starting to suffer more from the same illnesses that men do.? More research is necessary in this area though and for now women have an easier time finding cheap life insurance than men do.

Getting cheap life insurance is possible for men and women.? While men may pay more for life insurance, they can still get reasonable rates.? Finding the best premium prices for men or women is a simple process.? Just fill out our easy form and get low life insurance prices with no hassle.? Compare the quotations and review the policies to find the plan that best fits your personal needs and then purchase it from the convenience of your home computer.

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