Got Term? Consider Daddy Warbucks

I have known some girls that dream of the day they will marry a doctor. It is the old romantic & Victorian notion of being cared for, provided for, similar to the tales of knights in shining armor. The truth of the matter is that any knight that actually does a hard day’s work will not have likely have shining armor and most men are not doctors. Here is a tale of one little girl that actually got what she dreamed of. Keep in mind, it can be you too. There is still some comfort for those lofty-minded friends of mine in marrying an average man that sets his wife and family up with a good life insurance policy.

Annie, that little red headed spit fire orphan that was determined to set right the injustices that resided in her little world. She, like the other orphans wanted a home, to leave the orphanage overseen by the heavy hand of the squirrely Miss Hannigan. And it was in the creativity spurred on by these conditions that little orphan Annie sought freedom. If she wasn’t to go by adoption, then it would have to be in some other way. She had tried to escape before and always gotten caught. This time it was for real though and she would concoct a plan that would get her entrance into one of the richest & finest homes in all the land, the home of Daddy Warbucks.

Daddy Warbucks lived up to his name. I am not sure where his bucks came from, but he sure made out like it was in investing in both sides of the war. Her first gander at such wealth that she had never before known came in the form of a shinny automobile that looked fit for a president or king. And it was soon after that ride that she came upon the palace of the mighty Warbucks. He was nowhere to be found in this castle, but then again, to look for him would probably take all day by itself in such a large place.

It was hard for Annie to transition from her life of service into a life of luxury. The first thing she wanted to do when she arrived was to clean the floors. Oh Annie, sweet Annie, nobody told you that when you inherit wealth it is not often attached with strings of daily chores. No, you can feel free to pursue your life goals and be aided with the help of the Warbucks estate. The sky is the limit!

Well, while this type of inheritance or marrying rich is not likely to happen in most cases you may still rest well knowing that you can marry the man you love and if he puts a little away each month into a life insurance plan, you can be provided for long after he is gone. While it may not be in Pemberley or the Warbucks mansion you may definitely be able to live in comfort knowing that your husband is a knight whose dinged and dusty old armor was well used in preparing a future for you to be maintained after he dies.

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